Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Leitz loves wood

Leitz in OberkochenWood is beautiful. It is the oldest construction material in human history. Wood has sustained generations.

Wood is sustainable. Its valuable characteristics and natural advantages are irreplaceable. Regenerating forests stabilise the climate and absorb greenhouse gas emissions. Wood products prolong this storage.

Wood is shapeable. It is the most important, most versatile and utilised material in the world. Wood products provide living spaces, quality of life, comfort and warmth. Woodworking requires innovative techniques and the best tools.

Comprehensive services, innovative tools and Leitz's manufacturer's service make the best out of wood.
Leitz at the XYLEXPO 2018

Leitz will be exhibiting at the XYLEXPO 2018 in Milan from 8 to 12 May 2018. Also this year Leitz presents itself under the motto “Solutions in new dimensions” and will present future service concepts and innovations from the world market leader from Oberkochen for the woodworking and wood-processing industries.


Leitz ProfilCut Q Premium:  The quickest profile tooling system in the industry LIGNA TV: Solutions in new dimensions.
"PalmwoodNet" - Sustainable use of oil palm Wood

"PalmwoodNet" presents itself at LIGNA 2017. The network wants to use oil palm wood sustainably. To do so, the project partners Jowat, Leitz, Minda, Möhringer and Palmwood R+D share their expertise. They now cover the entire value chain and can thus work and process oil palm wood.
LIGNA TV: Solutions in new dimensions.
The new DFC extraction Technology from Leitz

Quiet extraction - the new DFC extraction technology from Leitz makes it possible. It not only reduces noise, but also machine wear. The DFC extraction hoods can be perfectly adjusted to tools, workpieces and machines and efficiently improve the entire production process.

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