Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Leitz loves wood

Leitz in OberkochenWood is beautiful. It is the oldest construction material in human history. Wood has sustained generations.

Wood is sustainable. Its valuable characteristics and natural advantages are irreplaceable. Regenerating forests stabilise the climate and absorb greenhouse gas emissions. Wood products prolong this storage.

Wood is shapeable. It is the most important, most versatile and utilised material in the world. Wood products provide living spaces, quality of life, comfort and warmth. Woodworking requires innovative techniques and the best tools.

Comprehensive services, innovative tools and Leitz's manufacturer's service make the best out of wood.
PlugTec corner joint
Leitz - PlugTec corner joint The new Leitz window corner joint PlugTec combines the advantages of established slot-tenon with counter-dowel joints in one system – increased stability with cost-effective production.
Leitz at Ligna 2015
Leitz booth on LIGNA 2015 Preparations are in full swing

Leitz has big plans for this year’s world-leading trade fair for the forestry and wood industry. The tool manufacturer spotlights the role of tools in networked production and demonstrates what Leitz After Sales Service is all about. Many other innovations can be experienced in the Leitz booths.
Leitz DryCut circular saw blades Quality from first cut to last cut: Leitz DryCut circular sawblades

Leitz DryCut sawblades are superstars in dry and metal construction as well as carpentry. These blades offer optimal performance in all materials and show remarkable strength in cut quality throughout the product lifetime.
 Leitz Online-Lexicon
Leitz Lexicon The fastest and already updated connection to the interactive Leitz-Lexicon: Discover the Leitz-Lexicon with many new help and search features.