What you need to know about Heat Shrink technology, and why you need it


As part of its ambition to increase efficiency and productivity in every workshop across the UK, Leitz Tooling is talking about their heat shrink technology: ThermoGrip shrink fit.


The problem

Poor cut quality? Excessive noise? Tools not lasting long? Running machines slower than you should? These problems are not limited to poor tool holding, but a good place to start would be to look at your tool holding systems. 

“When you are trying to run an efficient business, you’ve got no room for error, wasted product, wasted downtime or setting time,” says Brian Maddox, national sales manager for Leitz Tooling. “CNC spindle RPMs and processing speeds are fast (and should probably be running faster than you think – but that’s for another article) and running machines at the optimal RPM for your processes is essential.”


The solution

Leitz ThermoGrip heat-shrink chucks offer the simplest and most rigid link between the machine spindle and cutting tool. ThermoGrip chucks are one-piece tool holders, without moving or mechanical parts to wear or maintain.  Tools are changed by Leitz quickly and easily; electromagnetic induction heat quickly expands the chuck and the chuck then shrinks tightly and concentrically around the shank, essentially creating a single-piece machining unit.  

This eliminates the possibility of tool run-out, deflection, and balance issues and gives you not only precise cutting at the fastest possible speeds, but longer tool and spindle life. 

Leitz Tooling guarantees its ThermoGrip heat shrink chucks for life (or 10,000 shrink fit tool replacements) as well as providing ongoing free shrink fitting of Leitz replacement tools and free balancing every time a ThermoGrip heat shrink tool is resharpened.


The benefits

ThermoGrip heat shrink technology is ideal for high-speed cutting (HPC/HSC processing). Using perfectly balanced tools means less wear on the machine spindle and bearings. Unlike some other heat shrink technologies, Leitz’s ThermoGrip can also be used with HSS tools. Its patented counter bore allows insertion of the cutting tool cold, which means 15% to 20% less heat is needed when heating the shrink chuck. More efficient heating means that HSS tools can be removed successfully.


The price

How much does it cost? “We work with individuals and SMEs right though to international manufacturers, and that is invariably the first question we hear,” continues Brian. “It always turns out that what businesses actually want to know is ‘how much are these problems costing me now?’. This is a tough question for any manufacturer to ask of its own business, because the answer is not going to be pretty.

“The nature of ThermoGrip heat shrink technology means that yes, of course it will cost more than a standard collet. But you are also getting a conservative 25% increase in tool life, combined with an equally conservative 10% increase in machine productivity. We have evidence of real-world customer application tool life increases of 50-100%, and productivity improvements of 20-25%, which can easily double annual savings, if not more.

“At Leitz, we don’t just sell and service tools. The operator and production management experience we have in-house is exceptional, and we share this expertise with every one of our customers across the UK to find the right tooling solutions for their applications.”


*Right now, there is a special offer on all Leitz High Precision ThermoGrip Shrink fits (without chip) based on HSKF63 at @ £95.00 each net - for any quantity. Call 01279 454530 or email contact-uk@leitz.org 

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