• Application:

    For tear-free sizing along and across grain. Machining against feed only combined with scoring sawblade. Defined trimming in front of the finger cut for adjusting the finger fit.

  • Machine:

    Double-end tenoners, finger joint machine with trimming aggregate, plug cutter.

  • Workpiece material:

    All types of solid wood, chip and fibre boards (MDF ect.) uncoated, veneered, plastic and paper coated.

DFC segment hogger available on special request.

Circular sawblades:
Tooth shape ES is optimised to cut across grain on softwood, hardwood, wood derived materials, veneered and paper coated and veneered composite materials.

  • D: Diameter
  • SB: Cutting width
  • BO: Bore diameter / interface
  • Z: Number of teeth
  • ZF: Tooth shape
  • QAL: Cutting material
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