• Application:

    For cutting decorative grooves, internal profiles and combined external and internal profiles.

  • Machine:

    Stationary routers with/without CNC control, milling machines with spindles to mount shank tools.

  • Workpiece material:

    Softwood and hardwood, chipboard and fibre materials (MDF, HDF etc.), uncoated, plastic coated, veneered etc., laminated veneer lumber (plywood, multiplex plywood etc.).

  • Technical information:

    Cutterhead with profiled changeable knives. One knife with centre cutting design. Knives with shear angle. Different profiles possible in one tool body. Special profiles ground into blank knives and backing plates on request. Use cutterhead WP 500 1 for smaller decorative groove profiles (d < 15 mm).

Set of profile knives consisting of 1 profile knife design A and B each.
Set of backing plates consisting of 1 backing plate design A and B each.
Minimum order quantity: set of profile knives: 6 pcs., set of backing plates: 1 pc.

  • P: Profile
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