Tool solutions for machining fibre cement materials

More productivity, quality and sustainability in production and processing

Whether for facade cladding, roofing or interior finishing, fibre cement materials have been the first choice for fire protection, weather resistance and durability for over 100 years.

With its knowledge of processes and production focuses, Leitz offers individual product solutions, including state-of-the-art extraction technologies, for the modern and high-quality processing of fibre cement materials.

Splitting & profiling

Splitting and profiling of fibre cement materials to perfection

Whether in the continuous process in special or standard machines – Leitz offers its extensive knowledge of the efficient design of production processes.

Depending on customer requirements, individual tool solutions are created which offer added value in the mechanical processing of fibre cement materials.

Sizing & grooving

CNC-processing of fibre cement panels

Especially for small batch sizes or individual designs, machining on CNC machining centres offers many advantages.

Leitz offers tool solutions for efficient machining on CNC machines in its extensive standard program.


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