High quality on the workpiece can only be guaranteed with high-quality tool clamping technology.  The clamping device must combine consistently high holding forces with great precision. However, these requirements are in the context of increasingly complex work tasks, in which the overall system of clamping device and tool must ensure high machining results in the long term, even under difficult production conditions. For example, the functionality of a clamping device must be guaranteed even under high air and/or material humidity. After all, the machining quality should remain permanently and consistently high and the tool life should be maintained at a maximum. Tool breakage and thus damage to the workpiece must also be prevented.

Concentricity with high balancing quality

With the NiRo collet chuck "Premium", Leitz has developed a new clamping system with hollow shank taper that combines high changing repeat accuracy with flexibility and durability.  Made entirely of stainless steel, the chuck guarantees corrosion-free finishes for life and precise, functionally reliable tool clamping, even with high air and material humidity. In order to fully benefit from the advantages of the HSK adapter, Leitz attaches great importance to precision and accuracy already during production. The high concentricity (max. 0.003 mm) is therefore fine-balanced to G2.5 at 25,000 rpm. With a taper angle of 2°52', the OZ collet enables the transmission of higher torques than an ER collet with an 8° taper angle. The longer taper length of the Niro Premium also offers greater angular stability. At the same time, the ball-bearing clamping nut ensures low friction losses between the nut and collet and enables safe use in right-hand and left-hand operations.  In conjunction with the optimized trapezoidal thread and the increased guide length, this ensures above-average holding forces with a comparatively low tightening torque of 80 Nm.

New key system, slim contour

Depending on the application, the collets of the premium chuck can be easily and quickly changed to adapt to a wide variety of drills and cutters. The available collets cover the range from 6 mm (or ¼") to 25 mm (or 1") safely and precisely. Thanks to the machine-side connection via the HSK-E-63 adapter, speeds up to a maximum of 24,000 min-1 are possible. The high concentricity and balance quality of the Niro Premium ensures a long tool life and permanently high machining quality on the workpiece. In addition, the collet chuck features a particularly slim design, which improves accessibility to the workpiece and - due to the reduced interference contour - allows optimized 5-axis machining. Leitz has also revised the Premium's key system for easy mounting of collets and tools. The optimized key surfaces not only ensure safe operation during clamping and releasing, but the contour of the system is also up to 15 percent slimmer than comparable chucks.  

All in all, this new solution in new dimensions shows why Leitz simply offers more. Knowledge and reliability for more productivity, efficiency and quality in clamping and thus for more safety and perfect machining results in CNC machining.