Productivity, efficiency and quality up, costs down

Abrasive materials, sensitive surfaces, series production or batch size 1 production – numerous users of modern CNC machining centres face a wide variety of challenges every day when sizing and grooving panel materials or nesting. However, they all have one goal in common, namely to keep production costs low and deliver perfect quality at the same time. With the diamond-tipped shank cutters Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³ from Leitz, this feat is easily achieved.

High feed rates, long tool life, short machining times, perfect machining quality, less reworking and no adjustment work – this is what every CNC user dreams of in furniture production, shop fitting or interior design. The shank cutters of the Leitz Diamaster PRO3 and PLUS3 series make this dream come true. With up to 50 percent more feed rate and tool life, perfect edges and smooth narrow surfaces, they create what can hardly be achieved with a conventional Z3+3 router - a significantly leaner and more efficient overall process. The secret here lies in the arrangement of the cutting edges, the Real-Z3 geometry specially developed by Leitz.  Whereas conventional Z3+3 shank cutters machine the cutting area with a maximum of two cutting edges at the same time, three cutting edges are in continuous use on the workpiece with Real-Z3 shank cutters from Leitz. A feature that provides clear advantages for every user who values high productivity and quality.

The Diamaster PRO3was particularly developed for nesting applications and is available from stock in diameters of 12 and 14 millimetres. With a diameter of 12.7 mm Leitz offers additional dimensions for the North American market. The use of particularly vibration-damping materials makes this shank cutter perfect for batch size 1 productions in a wide range of materials. Diamaster PRO3 cutters can be resharpened up to three times.

Diamaster PLUS3 is the perfect solution for industrial use in CNC-assisted sizing. Available from stock in 16 and 20 millimetre diameters, this shank cutter is excellent for high-performance applications in large batch sizes. With its additional extended resharpening zone, the Diamaster PLUS3 can be resharpened up to twelve times.

The diamond-tipped shank cutters Diamaster PRO3 and PLUS3 are suitable for use in all common panel materials. In addition, attention was paid to optimum chip removal during their development. With the help of the patented DFC® technology (DFC® = Dust Flow Control), dust adhesions on the workpiece are significantly reduced, which also saves time for time-consuming cleaning work. Even more advantages and time savings are generated for users who order the shank cutters as a complete system in conjunction with a high-performance shrink fit chuck. Perfectly balanced, adjusted and including the supplied setting data, the tools can be used easily, quickly and reliably – as a new tool ex works or also after sharpening in manufacturer quality, in one of the more than 120 Leitz sharpening services around the globe.

All in all, these solutions in new dimensions show why Leitz simply offers more. Knowledge and reliability for more productivity, efficiency and quality and thus for more success for the users of Leitz products.


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