Productivity and quality in wood chip & wood fibre processing

Materials such as MDF, HDF, HPL, CPL or chipboards

In the production of panel material for furniture, kitchen and interior fittings, tool solutions are in demand which offer the optimum solution in terms of quality and productivity for the respective raw material and production conditions. Changing project parameters, such as the composition and type of base material, often require individual solutions that optimally support production.

In close cooperation with producers of wood-derived panel systems, Leitz has developed tools for trimming and splitting of wood and wood-based panels which are characterized by robustness, durability and low operating costs. In addition, Leitz provides manufacturing companies with clear advantages due to its competence in the entire project management when it comes to productive tool solutions for best quality.

Trimming & splitting

The trimming and splitting takes place in continuous process on continuous wood material moulding machines. Leitz has an extensive range of tools for these machine types in its range of segment, milling and compact hoggers, which are tipped with tungsten carbide or diamond cutting edges depending on the requirements.

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