Leitz Diamaster EdgeExpert

Excellent cutting quality and cost efficiency

The use of advanced and sophisticated laminates continues to grow in the competitive furniture and interior design market. New tooling concepts are needed to meet the high quality requirements of these increasingly challenging materials. The Diamaster EdgeExpert program provides impressive tear- and chip-free edges and smooth sides, even when processing micro-paper, veneers, foils and high-gloss laminates. The knife geometry is engineered for excellent results and the optimum ratio of quality and costs.

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Tear-outs on edge and narrow surface
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Longer lifetime for delicate laminates compared to conventional solutions
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Purchase and service costs compared to similar tools with 70° shear angle
  • Perfect edge quality
  • Tear-free core
  • High cost efficiency


  • Especially designed for zero-edge jointing technology
  • Available in cutterhead and router tool designs
  • Available as brazed diamond or diamond insert construction
  • Light-weight aluminium tool bodies are available
  • The PLUS-version can be resharpened up to 10 times
  • Custom designs tailored to customer-specific application requirements are available
  • Diamond-tipped


Your benefits due to ...


Specialist for delicate laminates

  • Optimized knife geometry for excellent results at the sides and edges
  • Especially suitable in conjunction with laser, plasma or hot air zero-edge jointing technologies
  • Clean workpiece finish due to optimized chip transport with DFC® technology

Efficiency & Productivity

The cost-efficient solution

  • Reduced cutting pressure to maximize tool life and performance in sophisticated laminates
  • Advanced shear angle to optimize the quality to cost ratio
  • The PLUS-version is resharpenable up to 10 times
  • Cost- and time efficient sharpening service with optimized knife geometry
  • Reduced dulling effect due to optimize chip flow and evacuation

Flexibility & Sustainability

Versatile and environmentally friendly

  • Applicable in most materials and laminates
  • Weight-reduced and significant noise reduction (up to 5 dB(A)) with the aluminium WhisperCut tool bodies
  • Resharpenable insert knives in the WhisperCut cutterhead version


Diamaster EdgeExpert
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