Leitz Diamaster PRO³ & Diamaster PLUS³

No compromises during cutting

Sizing and grooving sheet-goods with conventionally designed Z3+3 PCD tooling generally restricts the increase of productivity and quality due to the staggered knife arrangement. The Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³ routers cut at up to 50 % higher feed rates with a purposefully engineered knife arrangement, designed to maximize tool life and performance while maintaining perfect cut quality. This is possible with Real-Z3 technology: closing gaps between the individual knives to increase the number of effective teeth.

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Higher feed speed with Real-Z3
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Longer lifetime with Real-Z3
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Resharpenable Diamaster PLUS³ with extended resharpening zone
  • Higher feed speeds
  • Longer tool life
  • Perfect quality of edge and narrow surface
  • Efficient chip removal


  • Diamaster PRO³ Z3+3: resharpenable up to 3 times, diameter 12-16 mm, perfect
    for nesting applications
  • Diamaster PLUS³ Z3+3: resharpenable up to 12 times, diameter 16-20 mm, perfect for large batches
  • Suitable for all conventional panel materials
  • Diamond-tipped


Your benefits due to ...


Top performance with the help of Real-Z3

  • Up to 50 % higher feed speed due to engineered arrangement of the Real-Z3 knives
  • Higher throughput by reducing cutting time
  • Up to 50 % longer lifetime due to the constant work of the complete number of teeth
  • Diamaster PLUS³ is resharpenable up to 12 times due to the extended resharpening area


Production costs can significantly be reduced

  • Less rework and fewer rejects with chip-/tear-free laminates and smooth edges
  • Efficient chip removal results in less edge-prep before edge-banding
  • The Real-Z3 knife arrangement eliminates the need for tool position adjustment or correction


More effective cutting edges, better machining quality

  • Continuous arrangement of the Real-Z3 knives yields excellent cut quality: chip-free edges and smooth sides
  • Optimized chip flow reduces dust residue on the workpieces
  • Continuous engagement the knives reduces vibration and increases cut quality


Diamaster PRO³ & Diamaster PLUS³
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