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The oldest construction material in the world – future-oriented, trendsetting, high-quality

In modern architecture and craftsmanship, the material wood is experiencing a true renaissance both from an aesthetic point of view and for reasons such as environmental awareness, material properties and workability. The fact that the mechanical processing of wood is also subject to a process of change with the most different demands, becomes clear above all in the area of structural wood construction.

The long experience with solid wood applications, as well as the extensive knowledge of the challenges in manual and industrial production, make Leitz with its innovative tool solutions today the preferred partner of wood construction companies.

Tools for wood construction

Wood cutting on machine-driven systems

In wood cutting, components for structural wood construction are processed in advance of final assembly in such a way that the actual assembly of the individual parts can be carried out without additional processing. The more precise the fitting accuracy, the more time can be saved during final assembly and the better the design of visible components. Nowadays, CNC-controlled production systems are mainly used for this work.

The precision and quality when cutting wood must also be reflected in the tools used. Leitz offers tool solutions especially for wood cutting that perfectly meet these requirements.

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