As a family business in its fourth and fifth generation, with regional roots, successful worldwide and with an awareness of its responsibility towards people, the environment and society - this is how Leitz from Oberkochen presents itself in the prestigious book project "Lexikon der deutschen Familienunternehmen" (" Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses") published by Zeit-Verlag in Hamburg. It had its digital book premiere and official publication in November 2020.  

"We are very pleased that our company has been included in the Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses," says shareholder and advisory board chairwoman Dr. Cornelia Brucklacher. "This is a sign of great appreciation for us as a family-owned company with a tradition of more than 140 years with regard to entrepreneurial performance. But it is also a sign of recognition for our employees. They have done their best every day for generations to ensure the satisfaction and economic success of our customers and thus make a significant contribution to the expansion of our position as world market leader. “

In her foreword, the Chancellor emphasizes the special importance of family businesses for the German economic and social model. "Numerous German family-owned companies are among the world's technology leaders with their products. At the same time, they stand for sustainable and responsible action," she emphasized, speaking of a "living sense of responsibility.“

The editors Dr. Florian Langenscheid and Peter May describe family businesses in Germany as "the heart of the German economy". All the more it is an honour for Leitz to stand shoulder to shoulder with renowned companies such as Aldi, Bertelsmann, Faber-Castell, Fielmann, Haribo, Hipp, Ritter Sport and many other key players in the German economy in this comprehensive reference work. In a long and careful selection process, over 1,000 family businesses from all over Germany were selected and approved for publication in this book project.  

The publication on German family businesses, which is now considered a standard work, is already in its third, newly revised edition. The publisher is Zeit-Verlag with headquarters in Hamburg and Berlin. Data and facts about the companies are presented in alphabetically sorted entries of different lengths. Graphics provide an insight into company parameters and special elements inform about milestones, social commitment or sustainability in corporate management. The encyclopaedia entries are supplemented by picture series and a register ranks the family businesses according to their year of foundation and location.

"Leitz' corporate and value culture is characterized by long-term thinking and sustainable action. As a technology and world market leader, the living combination of tradition and innovation forms the basis of our corporate strategy," emphasizes Dr Cornelia Brucklacher, who also sees this book project as an incentive for the further development of Leitz and its two sister companies Boehlerit and Bilz.

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