Compact laminates such as HPL, hard paper or hard fabric find a wide range of applications due to their design possibilities and robust properties. This material is especially popular in furniture, kitchen and trade fair construction, in façade construction but also in the sanitary sector. HPL is particularly in great demand where robust properties and the highest standards have to be met. However, the tool stress during the machining of compact laminates is high because the surface coating has a corresponding hardness. Processing therefore requires tools with carbide or diamond-tipped cutting edges to achieve good cutting qualities. Diamond-tipped tool cutting edges are to be preferred, especially for large machining quantities, as they are significantly more economical due to the longer tool life.


The Leitz tool range has the right tool for every type of machining and achieves outstanding results in terms of quality, productivity and efficiency.

When it comes to perfect cutting results in grooving and sizing, the diamond-tipped router Diamaster PRO Z 1and Z 2 is the right tool. Its slightly positive cutting angle ensures that the chips are ejected from the groove and the cutting surfaces are clean and free of chips. This increases efficiency, as time-consuming cleaning work is no longer necessary. The diamond basic cutting edge is particularly suitable for flying plunging.

Leitz has developed the Diamaster PLUS Z 2 router especially for grooving and sizing, with neutral cutting characteristics and high feed rates. The special feature of this router is the alternating cutting angle, which produces good edges at the top and bottom as well as a perfect cutting surface when sizing. The high feed rates are made possible in particular by the stable design of the tool. There is also a version of the Diamaster PLUS Z 2router which is particularly suitable for grooving in the nesting process. Thanks to the negative cutting angle, this version ensures tear-free edges during grooving and eliminates the need for troublesome reworking of the edge. In addition, this tool design supports workpiece clamping for small workpieces in the nesting process.  

The router cutters of this product series are available from stock for all conventional machines in various diameters. Compared to other conventional routers, they impress with their long lifetime and multiple resharpenability.

With the drill HW solid Z 2, which is specially adapted to the material requirements of HPL, break-out-free boreholes are achieved, which significantly increase the quality of the final product. This is ensured by the special cutting edge arrangement. The HW-solid Z 2 drill stands for increased tool life and high stability. In addition, the polished gullet area ensures good chip removal.

The panel sizing circular sawblades and scoring circular sawblades from Leitz ensure perfect cutting edges and cutting surfaces and more productivity when cutting panels. The combination of with-feed pre-scoring and against-feed cutting-off achieves break-out-free edges both above and below and thus a correspondingly high quality. They can also be resharpened several times and are significantly more long-lasting. Furthermore, they are equipped with an innovative tooth geometry as well as filled-in laser ornaments and therefore produce significantly less noise. In carbide or diamond-tipped versions, these circular sawblades are available from stock and are suitable for all conventional panel-sizing and sizing saws.

With this coordinated tool range for compact laminates, Leitz has developed the key to the perfect final product and has the ideal solution ready for every requirement. With its promise of quality in terms of tools and processing results, Leitz creates sustainable solutions in new dimensions that save time and money through greater efficiency and productivity. And with the world's largest network of highly qualified service stations, Leitz is also a reliable partner for trade and industry with its logistics and consulting concept. This is how Leitz helps users to be more successful.