Leitz sizing circular sawblades

Flexible, long-lasting and efficient

When sizing a wide variety of different materials, the main objective is to achieve a constant and high cutting quality so that re-work is no longer necessary. Noise reduction is an additional benefit. From the cutting of wooden planks to the processing of wood-derived panels with a multitude of coatings as well as plastic or fire protection panels – the sizing sawblades from Leitz always provide perfect machining results combined with long tool life. Leitz has the correct tool for every requirement.

0 times
Resharpenable (max.) through HW-tipping
0 dB(A)
Less noise when idling than conventional DP circular sawblades with WhisperCut
0 %
No reworking compared to conventional circular sawblades with Katana and BrillianceCut
  • Machining a wide range of materials
  • Perfect cutting quality
  • For finishing and cutting to size
  • Long tool lifetime


  • Premium: for multi-purpose applications
  • Excellent: for specific applications (WhisperCut, Katana, BrillianceCut)
  • Selective filled laser ornaments
  • Multiple times resharpenable
  • For table and sizing circular sawblades
  • For machining a wide range of materials
  • Available from stock
  • Cutting material HW and DP


Your benefits due to ...


Flexible and versatile

  • For different materials, such as coated chipboard, solid wood panels, laminated wood or plastic and lightweight boards
  • A suitable product range for every requirement
  • Cutting material TC and DP for every requirement
  • Can be used on all table and sizing circular sawblades


Best cutting results

  • Less scrap and rework due to cut edges and surfaces in finish quality
  • Katana: no grinding required when sawing solid wood across the grain, due to tear-free cutting edges and smooth surface

Sustainability & Efficiency

Long-lasting and quiet

  • Multiple times resharpenable through large tip area
  • Significant cost and time saving by avoiding the need for rework
  • Lower noise and vibration through laser ornaments, irregular tooth pitch and adjusted gullet areas (depending on the product range)
  • WhisperCut: 6 dB(A) lower noise through filled laser ornaments, special gullet area design and innovative group serration


Sizing circular sawblades
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