Tool knowledge for your pocket

The LeitzXPert app as a free helper in daily operations

The shortage of skilled workers is not stopping at the woodworking industry. Machines are becoming more complex, materials more diverse and, in addition, the use of the right tools more and more demanding. The fact that one or the other question may arise among users, even among the master craftsman, is completely normal. What is not normal, but extraordinary, is the wealth of knowledge that Leitz has accumulated over generations about its tools and the respective types of machining. A wealth of experience that is unique and should provide the right answers to almost any of these questions. But how does this knowledge get to those who urgently need it? Until now, it has been stored in the heads of Leitz employees. From now on, however, all this valuable information is available to everyone in the LeitzXPert app. Users are thus provided with all the important information about the Leitz tool they are currently using.

  • Tool information available at any time and anywhere

  • Tool application data always available

  • Free App

  • Easy handling


  • Access to over 8,000 standard products
  • Comprehensive cutting data calculator  for sawing and milling
  • Versatile unit calculator
  • Service request at the click of a button
  • As an App for smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • As Web application for Tablet and PC



Type: Product information
Category: Resharpening and service
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