With diamond-tipped shank cutters "Diamaster EdgeExpert" by Leitz

The topic of finishes and decors is on the move as never before in the furniture industry, in shop fitting or in interior design. Digital and direct prints on ultra-thin decors, fine haptics, matt and high-gloss looks, nanotechnologies, anti-fingerprint materials or combinations of plastic and wood derived material dominate the material trends. However, as fine as the material finishes are, the true art of perfection can only be seen in the quality and appearance of the final edges. This presents many users with difficulties, especially when sizing and grooving on CNC machining centres. After all, the perfect edge has to be produced without bringing the cost-benefit ratio into an unbalanced position. The solution: diamond-tipped shank cutters from the Diamaster EdgeExpert series from Leitz.

Tear-outs on both sides of the edges, unclean cut finishes and lots of time-consuming reworking – this scenario alone makes many CNC users break out in a sweat. And when the tools start to fail excessively, good advice is often needed. This is not the case with the Diamaster EdgeExpert shank cutters from Leitz. Perfect edges, absolutely flawless middle layers and up to 30 percent longer tool life become reality. This is a fantastic savings potential compared to conventional solutions – with relatively low purchase costs and particularly low service costs.

The main attraction here is the special, spiral-shaped arrangement of the cutting edges. With alternating cutting angles between 45 and 54 degrees, they always machine the material at the perfect working angle. Lower cutting angles used in conventional cutting tools allow cleanly cut middle layers, however, the edges break out much more frequently. The opposite is the case with cutting angles that are set too high. In this case, the edge quality increases, but the vibrations that occur on the workpiece prevent the perfect cut of the base material. Defective middle layers are the result.

The CNC shank cutters of the EdgeExpert series from Leitz are available from stock in three different performance categories. The Diamaster PRO EdgeExpert, for example, is available as a Z1+1 version in two working lengths, each with a diameter of 16 mm. As a starter model, it is perfectly suited for small and medium batch sizes and can be resharpened up to four times.
The Diamaster QUATTRO EdgeExpert is the all-rounder for medium to large batch sizes. The Z2+2 version with a diameter of 20 mm allows much higher feed rates and thus shorter machining times. It can be resharpened up to six times and thus provides a perfect cost-benefit ratio in its category.
For very large batch sizes and extremely high feed rates, the Diamaster PLUS³ EdgeExpert is the perfect choice. Available with a diameter of 25 mm, in various cutting lengths, it is the perfect solution when perfect cutting quality is required, such as on machining centres with zero-joint edging technology. This Z3+3 cutter makes this possible primarily due to the Real-Z3 technology developed by Leitz and can be resharpened up to eight times.

The diamond-tipped shank cutters of the EdgeExpert series are suitable for use in all types of chip and fibre materials. No matter if it is raw, plastic-coated or with sensitive decorative papers, foils or veneers. Even laminated woods such as plywood or multiplex with delicate finishes can be machined perfectly and highly economically with the EdgeExpert shank cutters. Another advantage is the optimal chip removal, which results in significantly less wear on the cutting edges. Even more advantages and time savings are achieved by users who order their Leitz tools as a complete system in combination with a high-performance shrink fit chuck. Perfectly assembled, balanced and including the supplied setting data, these tool systems are ready for use immediately after delivery – as a new tool ex works or also after sharpening in manufacturer quality, in one of the more than 120 Leitz sharpening services around the globe.

All in all, these solutions in new dimensions show why Leitz simply offers more. Knowledge and reliability for more quality, efficiency, productivity and flexibility and thus for more success of the users of Leitz products.


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