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Always one step ahead

Furniture and kitchens, as forms of expression for individuality and lifestyle, are hugely diverse in their type and construction. For this reason, materials with challenging surfaces, coatings and structures place massive demands on production technologies. In addition, the consumer demands for high quality production and appearance are key factors that require manufacturers to design their production processes with flexibility and efficiency.

Leitz tool solutions for furniture and kitchen production are renowned for their flexibility, efficiency, productivity and quality.

Panel sizing

Perfection in panel sizing technology

The use of circular sawblades on panel sizing saws is considered a classic approach for panel sizing. Alternatively, shank cutters can be used. Depending on the production quantity and degree of individualization required, the most economical machining method for the individual application should always be chosen. With its wide product range, Leitz offers solutions for both manufacturing processes that deliver through quality, performance and productivity.


The base for high-quality products

The number of difficult-to-machine material surfaces in furniture and interior design is constantly increasing. This requires new machining concepts and tool solutions. From wafer-thin paper decors and veneers to foil and high-gloss coatings, Leitz offers the right solution for every requirement with its extensive range of jointing cutters and hoggers.

Trimming & edge finishing

Tools for quick profile changes

Leitz offers numerous tool solutions in its standard tool programme for all common edge processing machines. The range is continually updated and supplemented with a multitude of innovative tool solutions.


Leitz offers tool solutions for all drilling tasks

Hardly any piece of furniture can be produced without drilling holes. However, to ensure the entire manufacturing process and production efficiency isn’t compromised, the drilling speed and quality is of the utmost importance.
The Leitz drill range covers the entire machining spectrum. With long-lasting drills and boring tools made of solid carbide, high quality borings can be realized efficiently and productively.

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