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Wood is the oldest working material in the production of windows and doors. Due to its natural beauty, good insulation properties and comparatively easy processing, wood is uniquely attractive as a working material. That is why windows and doors made of wood are still the most common type worldwide. What is interesting however, is that the demands placed on the product and on mechanical production vary by country, continent and climate zone.

What remains the same are the production processes that turn the raw material wood into an elegant and technically advanced product. With its profound knowledge of the challenges of window and door production, Leitz is the ideal partner for manufacturing companies all over the world. 

Cutting the scantlings to length

Part optimization as the first working step

The production of windows and doors begins with the length production of the raw wood, the so-called trimming process. Mixed production of hardwoods and softwoods, domestic and exotic woods as well as scantlings (with and without insulating elements) place high demands on the tools used. Resistance and wear resistance of the cutting edges from mixed production has an impact on the potential life of the tools. It is particularly important to cut the workpiece on both sides, as pollution on the face sides has a negative effect on the subsequent machining steps.

Processing scantlings & bars

Planing and profiling

The four-sided planing of the scantlings is the basis for high-quality and functional window or door elements. The demands placed on these working steps are very high. Dimensions must be observed, and the later visible surfaces of the component must be planed perfectly on the interior and exterior sides.

This optimum machining concept allows the change from planing the scantlings to profiling strip profiles at the touch of a button, without the need for time-consuming tool changes on the machine.


Shaping for design and function

As a competent and trusted partner, Leitz offers tailor-made and economical solutions for the production of modern window and door systems for any project and machine concept. Once the requirements have been confirmed, customers receive their bespoke solution in accordance with machine and software producers. Leitz analyses the processes, plans the most economical manufacturing methods and manufactures the precise tools for your production.

For example, if maximum flexibility is required during production, tool sets are splitted. If, on the other hand, productivity has top priority, complete tool sets are the right solution.

Boring & hinge boring

Fast, accurate and clean

The process of boring and hinge boring can represent a bottleneck in overall production processes. Leitz’s complete range of boring bits and routers offer the best solutions to overcome this. With over 140 years of experience in the production of boring bits, Leitz offers a tool for the entire spectrum of customer requirements.

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