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Leitz takes window development forward

Leitz recognizes market trends. The company has strong relationships with renowned testing institutes and manufacturers of fittings and seals, which means we know what is important when it comes to window construction. Leitz uses this resulting know-how with project partners in the joint development of window and door systems and passes this specialist product knowledge on to its customers.

In order to meet and exceed international requirements, Leitz develops standards for modular window and door systems.

Leitz ClimaTrend Style

Design windows with a bright future

Leitz ClimaTrend Style

Design windows with a bright future

With ClimaTrend Style, Leitz delivers an economically producible window system that meets all market requirements, from slim design through sound and heat insulation to possible use in passive houses.

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Leitz ClimaTrend Style
Leitz ClimaTrend Style

Elegant, cubical design

Slim design with more options through:

  • Extremely narrow frieze widths
  • Overall frame face width of below 100 mm
  • Very large glass windows
  • A variety of materials and colours for interior and exterior profiles

Economical production

Saving of tools, material and machine time through:

  • Modular design principles for different material concepts
  • Reduced cutting depths
  • Unification of the production steps of wood and wood/aluminium profiles
  • Use of the PlugTec corner joint (optional counter/dowel or slot/tenon)

Highest functionality

Future-proof, high-quality and long-lasting systems through:

  • Glass thicknesses of up to 70 mm
  • Highly insulating low-energy and passive house standards
  • Maximum protection against noise, weather and burglary
  • Tested elements with test certificates

Patio Inowa window & sliding door system

Developmental cooperation in window construction

Patio Inowa window & sliding door system

Developmental cooperation in window construction

The globally available and unique sliding window and sliding doors system was developed with close project partners and technology leaders. It offers manufacturers all of the possibilities of modern technology and process design.

Patio Inowa window & sliding door system
Patio Inowa window & sliding door system


Setting new standards

  • Circumferential seal and active closure points
  • Keeps seals tight, even in extreme weather
  • Meets the high requirements for sound protection, insulation and energy consumption
  • Actively contributes to saving heating or cooling costs

Ease of use

Smart sliding

  • Completely roller bearing construction
  • The wing is moved from its closing position in a horizontal movement during unlocking
  • The wing can then be moved easily and without annoying grinding noises
  • Locking takes places with little effort by gentle self-closing of the sash into the frame


Is uniquely modern

  • Hidden functional elements allow linear, narrow profiles in modern design
  • Desirable for architects and building owners who value creative lightness and large glass surfaces
  • Can be produced in wood-aluminium construction, but also in purely wood construction

Leitz ClimaTrend

A system for highest eco-requirements

Leitz ClimaTrend

A system for highest eco-requirements

With the ClimaTrend system both wood and wood/aluminium systems can be produced. The constructions include frame sealing, rain channel drainage and inclined rebate and are available in the wood thicknesses IV78 (80), IV90 (92), IV106 and IV68.

Leitz ClimaTrend
Leitz ClimaTrend

Weather tightness against heavy rain

  • Increased tightness compared to conventional systems
  • Increased distance of 32 mm between wind and rain barrier

Burglar resistance and wind load

  • Wood thicknesses IV78 (80) and IV90 (92), IV106 and fitting layer 13 mm provide safety and security

Thermal insulation and sound protection

  • With the IV78, triple-glazed functional glasses up to 40 mm can be used as standard
  • Glasses up to 52 mm thick can be used with the IV90
  • Best value for Uw = 0.76 W/(m²K)

Leitz PlugTec

The highly stable frame corner joint for windows and doors

Leitz PlugTec

The highly stable frame corner joint for windows and doors

The PlugTec corner joint from Leitz combines the established slot-tenon with the advantages of the counter-dowel joints in one system. CNC machine production is efficient and cost-effective and the application flexible.

With its approval for the highest weight class of 180 kilograms, the PlugTec corner joint from Leitz is an ideal solution for window manufacturers, architects and building owners.

Leitz Frame corner joint PlugTec
Frame corner joint PlugTec

Exceptional stability

  • Tested and approved for sash weights up to 180 kg, from wood thickness 78 mm (test institute)
  • Exact and form-fitting frame corner joints through the use of milled long holes and tenons
  • Significantly stronger than conventional corner joints such as counter-dowel or slot-tenon joints
  • Optimal solution for particularly narrow frieze widths

Efficient production

  • Cost-effective production in one workpiece clamping on the machine
  • Material savings due to elimination of additional joint elements
  • Saves times by shortening the entire manufacturing process

Flexible application

  • Applicable in nearly all window and door systems
  • Can be used on all conventional window CNC machines

Leitz window systems and frame corner joints


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