Leitz Diamaster WhisperCut Prismatic Rebate Cutterhead

Protects the environment and your ears

Long production runs, for example, of composite aluminium cladding can present the manufacturer with many challenges in terms of cutting quality and precision. With the Diamaster WhisperCut Prismatic Rebate Cutterhead, Leitz offers the solution for fast, low noise and high-quality V-groove cutting for precision mitre edges.

0 dB(A)
In comparison to standard rebate cutterheads (max.)
0 %
No need to rework the cutting edge
0 -times
Resharpenable (max.)
  • Energy-efficient
  • Significantly less noise
  • Long tool life
  • Excellent cutting quality


  • Multiple resharpenings
  • Customized diameters
  • Suitable for all standard machines and aggregates
  • Available on short notice
  • Diamond tipped


Your benefits due to ...


Lightweight, quiet, resharpenable

  • Protects the machine and saves energy due to Aluminium tool body
  • Less noise through utilising special WhisperCut technology
  • Saves resources and is economical due to multiple resharpening capability

Efficiency & Productivity

Dynamic on the machine

  • Short production times

  • Higher feed rates possible
  • Longer tool life


Variable use

  • Exchangeable diamond knives
  • Suitable for materials such as Alucobond®, Alucore®, Dibond®, Reynobond®


Prismatic rebate cutterhead Diamaster WhisperCut
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