Leitz ThermoGrip® Shrink fit chuck and collet

Strong, fast and precise

The clamping system plays a decisive role in the machining process as the interface between tool and machine. With conventional chucks, the fit clearance reduces concentricity, stability and clamping force. The result: machine and tool are not as effective as they could be. The ThermoGrip® shrink fit technology overcomes the limitations of conventional chucks. Tool and chuck are connected as if they were made of one piece (monobloc contrusction). This enables the tool to cut at maximum speed, gives longer tool life and improves precision, even with higher cutting forces.

0 %
Higher feed rate possible compared to collet chucks
0 -fold
Longer tool life (max.) compared to collet chucks
0 -fold
Higher concentricity compared to collet chucks
  • Shorter machining times
  • Perfect finish quality
  • Longer tool life


  • Shrink fit chuck
    with HSK- or SK-adaptor (shank diameter 8 - 32 mm)
  • Shrink fit collet
    for use in aggregates (types ER16 - ER32)
  • RPM up to 36.000 min-1
  • Maintenance and wear-free clamping system
  • Available from stock


Your benefits due to ...


Higher performance and longer tool life

  • Higher feed speed due to increased rigidity
  • Longer tool life due to maximum concentricity
  • Maximum performance even with long tools and large profile depths due to the high transmissible torque


Perfect machining quality even under high load

  • Optimum cutting quality and repeatable accuracy due to high concentricity
  • Precise cuts even with high cutting forces due to maximum holding forces
  • Good chip flow to the extraction system due to slim design


Long-lasting and therefore saving resources

  • Reduce spindle and bearing wear as well as reducing the risk of tool breakage due to reducing vibration
  • Maintenance and wear-free clamping system


ThermoGrip® Shrink fit chuck and collet
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