Leitz RazorCut and RazorCut PLUS circular sawblade

One cut is enough

In furniture production, high feed rates and perfect machining results are required for sizing individual panels. Especially when support materials and coatings are constantly changing. RazorCut circular sawblades make it easy to cut panels in finish cut quality at high feed rates. A wide variety of panel materials and surfaces can be processed perfectly – regardless of whether the saw cut is edged later or remains unprocessed.

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Better productivity in comparison to conventional circular sawblades
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Less noise in comparison to conventional circular sawblades
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Finish-processing is not required in comparison to conventional circular sawblades
  • Finish cut quality
  • High feed speeds possible
  • Processing of any surface coating
  • Long tool life
  • Less noise


  • Special cutting edge geometry
  • Irregular tooth pitch
  • Use in combination with DP scorer recommended
  • Can be resharpened several times
  • For processing individual panels or flat panel stacks up to 60 mm thick
  • Available from stock
  • Cutting material HW


Your benefits due to ...

Quality & Productivity

Perfect edges, finishes free of marks, high feed rates

  • Finish cut quality in panel materials with most different coatings
  • Perfect cutting edges and smooth narrow surfaces
  • Consistently high machining quality – even at high feed rates
  • RazorCut PLUS: Best cutting quality due to special cutting edge geometry and extremely smooth running
  • RazorCut PLUS: Particularly suitable for production lines with high part outputs due to maximum tool life


A tool for a wide variety of materials

  • Particularly suitable for sizing panels in batch size 1 production
  • Suitable for machining panels with a wide variety of surface coatings
  • Best machining results even with matt, glossy and structured surfaces


Advantages for people and the environment

  • Can be resharpened several times due to large resharpening zone
  • High tool life due to wear-resistant cutting material and vibration damping
  • Less noise and vibrations due to irregular tooth pitch and adapted gullet areas
  • RazorCut PLUS: resource-saving due to extremely wear-resistant cutting material


RazorCut and RazorCut PLUS circular sawblade
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