Production reliability & optimized costs

Security around ordering, storage and evaluation

Delivering the right tool, in the right quantity, of the right quality, at the right time and to the right place, requires a large amount of resources and work to ensure a reliable and efficient production supply chain. This is what Leitz does, however it is much more efficient and effective when customer requirements are part of a Tool Management plan.

Leitz offers a range of service concepts and models that can be tailored precisely to the customer’s respective requirements. The rapid retrieval of tools, timely dispatch and automated accounting are proven to significantly reduce tool requirements and overall procurement costs.

Tool Management “Logistics”

Efficiency, productivity and reliability

Logistics includes the IT-supported provision with Kanban systems or consignment stocks, where both the customer and Leitz have access to a common database online. The accounting takes place via the stock inflow or the stock outflow after agreed periods.

Tool Management “Life”

Efficiency, productivity and flexibility

With the “Life” service concept, tools no longer need to be purchased outright. This model includes the provision of tool life for the resharpening tools for flexible production. Invoicing is based on the proportionate tool and service costs, which creates a direct connection between production quantity and the tool costs incurred. In addition, tools can be provided with unique serial numbers.

Tool Management “CompleteCare”

The all-round carefree package

CompleteCare stands for complete tool supply from a single source, ideal for companies with large batch sizes. The invoicing is based on agreed production figures. This all-round carefree package with precisely calculable, variably adjusted costs, allows the customer to concentrate entirely on their business. Leitz uses its expertise to make processes more productive and efficient. The fact is: with less than 1 % of the total costs, tools for procurement are C-parts. The lack of a tool, on the other hand, result in costs that are dramatically higher.

It must be clear that CompleteCare is not a short-term project, but a long-term partnership for mutual success. Customers worldwide utilize CompleteCare and benefit from their partnership with Leitz.

What our customers say

As a CompleteCare customer of Leitz, we always use the latest tool technology on our machines and are partners in the development of new tools. Thus we constantly improve our quality and reduce the costs per running meter.
Tobias Marquart, FMD Möbel GmbH

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