Profiles, blocks, plates, sheets

Aluminium and non-ferrous metals as a challenge for specialists

The processing of aluminium and non-ferrous metals repeatedly confronts users with situations that require special solutions. Thin-walled profiles have a strong tendency to vibrate, whereas solid materials show a completely different behavior during machining.

Leitz has further developed its range of tools through its long experience in the professional machining of non-ferrous metals and thus offers solutions for the numerous challenges in the machining of profiles, blocks, plates or sheet metal.

Machining of profiles

Coated or uncoated – each material brings new challenges

Thin or thick, coated or sheathed. The types of aluminium profiles are as numerous as their intended use and the requirements on the tool solutions are just as varied in order to machine such workpieces accordingly.

Processing of block & plate material of aluminium

Dry or wet – always a question of philosophy

In order to keep the heat development, i.e. the friction of the cutting edge on the material, as low as possible, either additional coolants and lubricants or corresponding tool designs with regard to geometry, construction and cutting material are required. Leitz has specialized in so-called dry machining and offers efficient and economically interesting tool solutions for sawing and cutting non-ferrous metals without coolant.


Circular sawblades for NF metals
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