This is how the material mix can be safely mastered in all batch sizes

More productivity, reliability and quality with tooling solutions from Leitz

The demand for individual living elements and the desire to combine a wide variety of materials and finishes continues unabated. The range of materials used in furniture and interior design is constantly growing. Professional machining experts are rightly asking questions about the best possible machining, about the right tooling solution or about ideal processes in production.

Leitz offers special solutions and services here. Whether it's panel material made of plywood, MDF or compact laminate, coated with sensitive decors such as anti-fingerprint or magnetic boards - Leitz products can process all of this perfectly and in a time-saving manner.  In combination with the right service concept, an unbeatable offer for more success for our customers.

Your benefits
  • Innovative tool solutions for professional furniture and interior design
  • More flexible and faster production in all batch sizes
  • Perfect machining results
  • High process safety and reliability


At a glance
  • Individual adaptations possible
  • Common dimensions available from stock
  • For all materials and machines in modern furniture and interior design  


Our highlights for you


NiRo цанговый патрон Premium
Тип: Информация о продукте
Категория: Места крепления инструментов
Diamaster PRO³ & Diamaster PLUS³
Тип: Информация о продукте
Категория: Обработка концевыми фрезами
Дисковые пилы RazorCut and RazorCut PLUS
Тип: Информация о продукте
Категория: Пиление
Инструменты для обработки слоистых пластиков
Тип: Информация о продукте
Категория: Современные материалы

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