In furniture production, perfect machining results and the highest possible feed rates are required for sizing individual panels. This applies to the production of small batches as well as to batch size 1 production. For both process specifications, the required quality and the time factor are decisive.  Especially with changing support materials and coatings. Here, time-consuming reworking, excessive tool wear and the associated loss of time turn every production into an economic challenge.

The solution for such cases is provided by the circular sawblades of the RazorCut series from Leitz: these circular sawblades are particularly long-lasting and produce perfectly sawn narrow edges and precise cutting edges in almost any surface coatings – and do so consistently, at high feed rates and with up to four decibels less noise. So, no matter what materials need to be cut – one cut of the RazorCut circular sawblade is enough to glue on a melamine edge, for example, or to process the workpiece further. RazorCut circular sawblades mainly are suitable for sawing individual panels or panel stacks up to 60 millimetres.  

This is made possible above all by the vibration-damping design of the circular sawblade. Laser ornaments and the irregular pitch of the saw teeth generate significantly less vibration during machining. In addition, high-quality cutting materials are used, such as ultra-fine grain carbide with a grain size of 0.2 to 0.5µm. They produce the "razor-sharp edge" for the perfect cut and are significantly more durable than conventional carbide types.

RazorCut circular sawblades are available from stock in two performance levels. For users with small to medium throughputs, the RazorCut circular sawblade is suitable for perfect cutting results and long life time.  For production lines with high part outputs, the use of the RazorCut Plus circular sawblade is recommended, whose tool life is once again significantly higher than the basic version.  

RazorCut circular sawblades from Leitz are also convincing in terms of sustainability. They can be resharpened up to thirteen times and with its worldwide tool service in manufacturer quality, Leitz is a reliable partner – around the globe with more than 120 company-owned service stations.  

So there are many advantages that more than justify the use of RazorCut circular sawblades. With the RazorCut product line, Leitz is not only setting the benchmark in the field of panel sizing. Moreover, the additionally developed RazorCut Plus variant represents a new evolutionary stage in sawblade development that proves why greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability ensure demonstrably greater success for numerous satisfied Leitz customers.