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With nine out of ten CNC machines sold in Australia being nesting machines, one of the most-used cutting tools in Australia is the small diameter router cutter.

Manufacturers utilising panel products, solid wood and advanced materials for production of goods where manufactured boards are the main raw material (kitchens, office furniture etc), are always looking to increase production while reducing unit costs. A small diameter cutter is required to reduce the amount of waste in a nested board.

Enter the compression cutter that has completely revolutionised the small scale, high turnover nested manufacturing cabinet industry globally – the Carbide Compression Router Cutter. It’s fair to say that the small diameter router bit is one of the hardest working tools used by the industry.

The Compression Router Cutter range developed by Leitz Australia is produced to exact high precision standards set by Leitz in Oberkochen, Germany as well as being accredited Australian Made. With over 145 years experience producing cutting tools for the woodworking industry, Leitz is one of the top producers of quality, premium tools in the world. This rich Leitz history has ensured that Leitz Australia has the technical knowledge and skill to manufacture these highly engineered and complex tools.

Our Australian Made Compression Router Cutter range is produced using only the best quality of carbide rod, selected to the correct grade to get the most life from the tools, while not being too brittle and risk breaking under load. Our router bits provide up to a 40% increase in edge life and are available for all common material sizes, or can be customised to suit your needs.

Your Benefits:

Productivity & Efficiency

  • The range of Australian made compression cutters includes coated compression cutters offering up to a 40% increase in edge life
  • We offer a comprehensive range of carbide compression routers, covering all common material sizes


  • With our local manufacture we can produce special sizes upon request and get them to you faster
  • Leitz offers a uniform sharpening service with quality to our certified worldwide standards


  • Made locally in Australia
  • Longer tool lifetime
  • Less material wastage due to cutting quality

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