Leitz BrillianceCut circular sawblade

A perfectly clear matter

The sawing of acrylic glass often causes marks, melting or break-outs on the edge of the panel. As a result, it often has to be reworked before the panel edge can be glued or polished to a high gloss or flamed. With the BrillianceCut circular sawblade this reworking step is no longer necessary, therefore the saw cut edge can be glued, polished or flamed directly. An additional benefit is the BrillianceCut sawblade can be resharpened up to 20 times further reducing processing costs.

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Reworking of the workpiece is not necessary compared to conventional circular sawblades
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  • Finish cut quality

  • Rework not required

  • Long lifetime

  • Less noise


  • Innovative tooth geometry

  • Filled laser ornaments

  • Can be resharpened up to 20 times

  • Diameter 303, 350, 380, 400 and 450 mm

  • For all common panel sizing and sizing saws

  • Preferably used in PMMA and PC (excellent cutting results also in polymer-bound mineral materials (e.g. Corian®, Varicor®, HI-MACS®))

  • Available from stock


Your benefits due to …


Mark-free finish cut quality

  • Perfect cutting areas and breakout-free cutting thanks to innovative tooth geometry

  • Finish cut quality, quiet running and stability due to plastic-filled laser ornaments

  • Excellent cutting results, even in polymer-bound mineral materials (e.g. Corian®, Varicor®, HI-MACS®)


Reworking not required

  • Cost and time savings by eliminating the need for reworking the cut edge

  • Higher part output due to fewer work steps


Long-lasting and quiet

  • 20 times resharpenable

  • Long lifetime due to stable tooth geometry

  • Less noise through the use of plastic-filled laser ornaments

Standard working procedure

1) Cutting

2) Rework

3) Polishing

BrillianceCut procedure

1) Cutting

2) Polishing


BrillianceCut circular sawblade
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