WeCare – lived sustainability of the sister groups Leitz, Boehlerit and Bilz went into the second round with great success  

The employees of the three Brucklacher Group companies wrote another joint chapter of success in terms of lived sustainability with great commitment, lots of enthusiasm and fantastic contributions as part of the WeCare campaign weeks 2023.It is part of the self-image of the three sister companies and their workforces to conserve resources, to treat the environment responsibly and to work for society. The employees have once again impressively demonstrated this with a variety of activities in the course of the recently held second WeCare campaign weeks.

With the global initiative WeCare, the family-owned company bundles local activities in the areas of humanitarian and social commitment as well as species, nature and environmental protection, some of which have existed there for decades. In order to make the momentum of WeCare and the team spirit something the workforce can experience, the WeCare campaign weeks have been held annually at the Brucklacher Group’s worldwide locations since 2022. This year’s campaign weeks far exceeded expectations.

Joint successes within the framework of the WeCare campaign weeks 2023

In 33 countries, more than 4,300 volunteer hours were contributed by 1,900 participating staff members in the name of the good cause. Among other things, 3.3 tonnes of donations in kind were collected around the globe, 99 litres of blood donated, 3,700 m² of flowering areas created and 2,430 trees planted. Other projects of the successful initiative were the construction of 240 insect hotels, nesting boxes and feeders for birds and small wild animals, as well as the establishment of 8 more bee colonies on the company premises.  In addition, 1,8 tonnes of COwere saved by travelling to work without a car and by eating meat-free meals.  Furthermore, many helping hands removed 2.5 tonnes of rubbish from the environment and water bodies.

All in all, we succeeded in generating donations and cash grants of around € 83,000, which were used to support local and nationwide organisations and projects. This resulted in around 50 social and charitable institutions receiving grants.

Living the corporate philosophy

The shareholder and the management of Leitz, Boehlerit and Bilz were impressed by the enormous employee participation in the second WeCare campaign weeks and the worldwide enthusiasm in implementing the heart projects.

Dr. Cornelia Brucklacher, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and shareholder, summarises her self-image as a family entrepreneur and her enthusiasm for the WeCare campaign weeks as follows: „As a family business, we take responsibility in society and feel jointly responsible for the sustainable development of our environment over generations. We continuously express this worldwide through our actions and numerous activities. Sustainability is therefore a core component of our corporate philosophy. The extraordinary commitment and exemplary acting of our employees fills me with great joy, gratitude and pride. Together, they have once again left a very special mark on their environment in 2023 as part of WeCare.“