To furniture manufacturers Leitz supplies optimal tool solutions throughout the total process chain.

Material versatility, demanding finish coatings and –structures as well as zero joint in the edging technology are important innovation drivers, furniture manufacturers daily are confronted with. Throughout the total process chain, Leitz supplies optimal tool solutions that improve quality and efficiency decisively and are tailored to the respective processing job. See for yourself!

One cut must be enough – RazorCut Circular Saw Blades
By saving one process step on sizing single panels or low stacks of panels, the efficiency considerably can be increased. The combination of low-vibration laser ornaments and irregular tooth pitches with high-quality ultra-fine grain cutting materials with the Leitz RAzorCut program ensures perfect cuts and require no rework. One cut is enough to band a melamine edge for example. One of our contributions to accelerate your processes.

Your plus in efficiency – Compact hogger DT PLUS
Also the compact hogger DT PLUS reduces costs in the furniture production. Due to its completely new edge arrangement, the tool works with constant cutting width during its total lifecycle. Increased resharpening areas on the edges ensure up to 12 resharpening cycles and thus maximum efficiency. Gullet areas with irregular pitch and innovative tool body geometry furthermore result in low noise and vibrations in case of the hogger DT PLUS. Low vibrations and also the tipping with roughing and finishing knives increase the cutting quality of the new hogger.

Jointing cutters for outstanding edge quality – EdgeExpert tools
The proportion of working material surfaces, difficult to machine, constantly increases in the furniture- and interior construction. This requires new tooling concepts such as the Leitz EdgeExpert program. Whether extremely thin paper decors, veneers or foil- and high-gloss coating, Diamaster EdgeExpert tools with increased shear angles convince by tear-free edges and smooth medium layers on continuous machines and CNC machining centres. Additionally the EdgeExpert program has economic benefits – the Diamaster EdgeExpert routers for example achieve about 15 times longer performance times in comparison to conventional routers.

For perfect finish – Mitre saws and Scrapers
Leitz supplies a comprehensive program of circular saw blades for mitre cutting.  Each conventional machine aggregate has its own product variant. A completely new tooth row design reduces the noise of the saw blades. In practical use, the new LowNoise mitre cutting saw blades run by up to 10 dB(A) more quiet than standard mitre cutting saws – this is about half of the noise level. Also when smoothing the edges, the user can rely on Leitz developments: Thus, Leitz provides both a single scraper for multi-purpose machining surfaces and Duo-multi-scrapers for high-gloss materials. Both scrapers are equipped with an anti-whitening bevel so that the edges are smooth and colorfast.

The hood makes the difference – DFC®-Extraction Hoods
Thinking that extraction hoods are irrelevant for processing wood, is on the wrong track. These components have enormous influence on quality, efficiency and safety.  Thereby it is important that tool and extraction hood optimally are adjusted to each other. Even during the construction, Leitz DFC®-extraction hoods are adjusted exactly to the respective tools. The result are enormous cost saving by reducing the maintenance-, set-up- and energy costs as well as the increase of tool lifetime.  A perfectly adjusted modular system and quickly exchangeable parts of wear allow easy handling and fast assembly. And the extra plus: Extraction hoods in noise-reducing design essentially reduce the loading for human beings and environment.

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