Tool solutions for mineral wool processing

Tools for sustainable insulation materials

With the implementation of climate protection regulations, the requirements for energy efficient building and renovation are increasing. At the same time, the materials used for the insulation of buildings and the necessities for their material properties are changing. Logically, the technologies for processing these materials must also adapt to these conditions.

Leitz tool solutions for the length and crosswise processing of mineral wool products deliver through their high productivity and contribute to environmental protection throughout the entire process chain.

Sizing, profiling & drilling

Density as defining criterion

Due to the extremely abrasive properties of rock wool and glass wool, specific tool solutions are required for their machining. Depending on the density and composition of the material to be machined, consistently perfect results must be maintained over long-term use. The challenge in cutting, profiling or boring is to maximize the tool life and performance of the tools used to make the overall process as efficient as possible.


Advanced Materials – Processing solutions for specialist engineers
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Mineral wool – Tool and processing solutions for experts
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