When sizing panel material, tools are usually used that are loud and heavy due to their structural design. The result is stress for man and machine. More than ten years ago, Leitz developed the pioneering tool solution for this problem that still sets the standard in terms of sustainability, efficiency and quality in edgebanding: the lightweight and quiet Diamaster WhisperCut jointing cutterhead. In the meantime, the world market leader from Oberkochen has turned it into a complete system family. With the available product variants, including one with an integrated HSK 32 R adaptor, users will in future be able to optimize existing jointing concepts and also optimize their production costs.

Light, quiet and efficient - these few words describe the advantages of the WhisperCut programme. In detail, it becomes apparent that it is the technical design of the tools that produces perfect edges and cut surfaces and also makes the jointing cutterhead significantly quieter. The reason for the noise reduction of up to 5 dB(A) is, on the one hand, the closed shape of the light metal tool body, which, with 50 percent less weight, protects the machine and the ears of the user, and, on the other hand, the special machining quality is explained by the proven DFC® technology, with the help of which up to 95 percent of the chips are collected.

But that is not all. Considering the entire machining process, the WhisperCut cutterhead also saves time and money. Imitated by many tool manufacturers, the WhisperCut system still sets standards as an original - especially with regard to costs and maintenance. The specially developed diamond cutting edges can be resharpened several times in the tool. Alternatively, the replaceable cutting edges can be replaced directly by the user, which means that the diameter of the tool always remains constant. Set-up and adjustment times are thus significantly reduced compared to conventional systems. A solution that can be described as efficient in all respects.  

The Diamaster WhisperCut jointing cutterhead is available in several versions. One is the basic version, whose cutting edges can be resharpened up to three times, and the WhisperCut PLUS version with an enlarged resharpening area on the cutting edges, which can be resharpened up to ten times. Both versions are available with a bore or shank, depending on the requirements. In addition, the WhisperCut jointing cutterhead is also available with an integrated hydro adaptor or with a fitted HSK 32 R adaptor. Both adaptor variants offer significant advantages in terms of concentricity and axial run-out accuracy, machining quality and tool life extension.  

For users of laser edging systems, Leitz also has the WhisperCut EdgeExpert variant in its product range. Also resharpenable up to three times, it impresses with its special cutting edge arrangement and provides even better machining quality. On request, these jointing cutterheads can also be supplied as a PLUS variant and can therefore be resharpened up to ten times.

With the development of the WhisperCut system family, Leitz has demonstrated its leadership in the customer-oriented development of tool systems for the furniture industry. Even more advantages and time savings are generated for users who have the jointing cutterheads resharpened in one of the more than 120 Leitz service centres around the globe. Perfectly sharpened in manufacturer quality, balanced and including the supplied setting data, the tools can thus be used easily, quickly and reliably.


Diamaster WhisperCut

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