Facades & insulation materials – the protective coat and dressing of every building

Modern materials require new machining solutions

Functionality and aesthetics are the two pillars on which modern architecture is based. In order to meet the resulting diverse material requirements, individual solutions are often needed for the optimal processing of the materials used in the design of façades or in the insulation of buildings.

For materials such as fibre cement, aluminium composites, insulation boards or mineral wool, Leitz offers tool solutions that allow users to optimise their machining processes and thus utilise the full potential of their production.

Your benefits
  • Customised tool solutions for (almost) every requirement and machine
  • Perfect cutting quality through optimal tool design
  • Reduced machining times through efficient tools
  • Long tool life through optimal cutting materials


At a glance
  • High level of consulting competence “worldwide”
  • Extensive product portfolio, from the manufacturer to the user
  • Maximal productivity
  • High reliability
  • Optimal machining quality


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