20 percent less costs in panel processing:
Possible with the DT Premium compact hogger from Leitz

Individual customer wishes, the increasing variety of decors and the increasing proportion of waste wood in the panel material present new challenges to manufacturing companies every day. The diamond-tipped DT Premium compact hogger from Leitz, with optimized cutting geometry, improved chip removal and additional damping elements, enables users in the furniture industry to achieve significant increases in productivity and efficiency.

The new DT Premium compact hogger from Leitz offers support in such situations. Compared to the previously used hoggers, the DT Premium convinces with significantly longer tool lives. Especially in the long-term test at various Leitz customers, it achieved great results in the areas of productivity and cost-effectiveness. Correspondingly, the long service life also has an effect on the efficiency of the overall process.  Fewer tool changes and downtimes in series production, but also the permanent usability in batch size 1 production, allow machining costs to be reduced by up to 20 percent. In addition, the constant cutting width after sharpening, the perfect edges and smooth narrow surfaces are further quality features that give the DT Premium compact hogger a convincing price-performance ratio. The compact hogger is also convincing from the point of view of sustainability. The resharpenability has been significantly increased to 15 sharpening cycles and the specially developed tool design reduces disturbing noise and avoids vibrations.

The DT Premium compact hogger from Leitz can be ordered from stock with a diameter of 250 mm, it is suitable for use on all common double-end tenoners or edge processing machines and is available in two versions with different tooth shapes. For batch size 1 production, tooth shape 1 is the best choice, which shows its strengths in a wide range of materials such as melamine, HPL or high-gloss materials. The tooth form 2 is perfectly suited for machining high-quality veneers, paper decors or honeycomb panels.

Productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability describe this generation of compact hoggers from Leitz in a few words. With this high-performance and highly economical tool solution, Leitz once again underlines its technological leadership and sets a clear sign for customer-oriented and market-driven product development, which takes into account the trends in the industry and yet always keeps the advantage of the customer and user in mind.



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