Tools like new – this is the philosophy of maximum tool life and perfect machining quality throughout the entire life cycle of Leitz products. Leitz Australia is proud to announce the installation of a new Vollmer QXD250 in our Queensland workshop, complementing our existing six Diamond Eroding machines located across Sydney and Perth, increasing our capacity and speed for sharpening Diamond Tipped tooling.


The servicing of Diamond Tip cutters, saws and routers at Leitz is done using the latest diamond sharpening machines. This, added with superior technologies and over 140 years of Leitz tooling experience makes us number 1. The first drills were produced by Albert Leitz in 1876 in Germany, and the company remains family owned to this day. Reliability and longevity are the keys to success of Leitz Tooling. Our service centres utilise the same machinery and programmes as our tool production facility at Leitz in Germany. This ensures consistent top quality for tools, sharpened to as-new condition. This is quality assurance is underwritten with the quality management system certified to DIN ISO 9000 standards worldwide. Absolute precision is guaranteed throughout the entire process, with all sharpening handled by qualified Leitz personnel with complete service documentation provided.


Consider having your Diamond tipped tooling serviced at Leitz Service centres so we can support your success. An overnight servicing option means minimum machine downtime. Leitz Tooling provides reliable tool pickup and delivery across most capital cities with our local Servicing Representatives. Additionally, Leitz Tooling can sharpen tooling from all manufacturers.


For streamlined costs and faster administration, Leitz also offers a flat rate Servicing Agreement option, reducing monthly service costs while providing a transparent forecast of complete tooling related costs.


Let Leitz Tooling Australia and New Zealand support your complete servicing needs, so you can focus on what you do best.




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